[UKHJ] Show Me How to Spot (A Good Fuck) – Yoshi Kawasaki + Kayden Gray

February 26, 2015 by Apply To Model

Two of [HAWT!] dream boys have gone and done a scene together! Yay! You might remember Yoshi Kawasaki, help the winner of our impromptu Best Moan Award, information pills and Kayden Grey, recipe our meaty Polish fantasy. Oh, boy!

Yoshi obviously takes care of his body and was doubtlessly in need of a new gym. Maybe the last one run out of soap. Maybe it ran out of fresh meat to ride. We don’t know, but we’ll play along. The owner signs him up and gives him a little tour to start him off. It’s obviously a quiet day over there, (all these cameras must have scared the customers) which is a perfect opportunity for checking out that one, seriously hot dude pumping iron right next to you. And you would not believe it, if you didn’t see it, but who was it working out his tight, defined body, during this oh-so unbusy time? None other than our other favourite, Kayden Gray! I kid you not!

The lads start spotting each other, but it doesn’t take long before they start checking each other out. Get a room! Which they don’t, as ain’t nobody got time for that! – instead they go for it there and then! Oh my, very risque…

What ensues is seriously one of the hottest sights for sore eyes. Kayden’s massive dick, Yoshi’s yummy bottom and hungry butthole seem a perfect fit. Sucking, fucking, rimming, the boys cannot get enough of each other. And we cannot get enough of watching them going at it. And the moans. Did we mention the moans?

Check out the preview above, if you haven’t yet and take a peek at the gallery below. And if you’re hungry for more (just like Yoshi’s hole), click on the thick link (just like Kayden’s dick) to see the whole scene. And if you’re currently at a gym, wanking to the scene (gymception), even better!