December 9, 2014 by Apply To Model

TRIPLE X GAMES, generic developped by German Producer Falk Luux, ampoule is a gay game show loaded with hot sex and great entertainment.

Six European porn newcomers, erectile selected from a public casting call, compete individually and in teams to win points in sexy challenges. Each episode features a well-known porn star guest giving saucy insights into his work and private life. Newcomers compete in several different challenges, collecting points to ultimately win TRIPLE X GAMES. The challenges are of a sexual nature, with satisfaction for contestants and audience guaranteed. One example – the ‘Blind Man’s Buff’ cocksucking contest. Will the newcomer be able to identify a real porn star with just his mouth?

The climax of each episode is the full-length, hardcore sex scene between the porn star and the newcomer who has beaten off the most competition. Will the newbie be able to hold his own against the hardened professional?

To decide who measured up, a jury of stellar personalities from gay media, adult entertainment and the gay community will hold court, evaluating the sex scene and awarding points to the contestants. The winner of each season will be awarded a money prize and will have the opportunity to feature in international porn productions.