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January 20, 2015 by Apply To Model

BrFtb27IMAAUE9_Remember that little ol’ Prowler Porn Awards coming up soon? Well you still have time make your nominations and ensure your favourites make it to the shortlisting stage. Now the formalities out the way, sick let’s get down to what you people came to see…..Reece. Freakin’. Bentley. Because what better way to look forward to the pornztravaganza of March 26th than to cast an eye back at last years star-studded soiree? I spilt the tea with the Prowler Porn Award Winner as we discuss beginnings, dosage beatings (of the competitive kind) and being Britain’s Best Twink – official.

The beginning is as good a place to start as any, so how did Reece Bentley come to be the BoyNapping, horse-hung piece of totty that he is today? Well, for many Facebook is the place we go to post drunken selfies from the night before, plague friends with Candy Crush Saga invites and send the occasional poke. For Reece, it was far more than a poking he received, though technically what did happen has lead to a LOT of poking since!

“I blame Ashton Bradley, he was the first person to contact me asking if I was interested (in porn). I wasn’t too sure at the time, I never thought I could see myself on-camera having sex – I was a shy boy!”

Shy!? I hear you scream….*cough* Anyway, moving on swiftly…

Starting in any industry can be tough-going at the age of 18, and the pornsphere is no exception! The pressures to perform, look good, avoid looking at the camera, maintain a raging-hard on and satisfy your scene partner is just a small part of the melee for many of our favourites. So how does a porn-newbie survive and thrive in adult-entertainment once the ink has dried on the contract?

“It was rather intimidating at first, then as I found my feet it became second nature. I went on to direct some DVD’s for Boys on the Prowl, then film and edit for Twisted XXX Media. I think having experience behind the scenes helped my work in front of the camera and then working in front of the camera helped for working behind the scenes. I was given a great opportunity by Ben Willis (CEO of Twisted XXX Media) and he has helped me progress with my career, he has put so much time, effort and money into me and not only has he built a good working relationship, but a great friendship also.”

After debuting nearly three years ago in September 2012 for BoyNapped, Reece quickly bottomed, whipped and roughed-up enough unsuspecting to become a firm favourite, becoming an exclusive performer for the Twisted XXX Media brand – and you can bet your bottom dollar he didn’t disappoint when he took porn’s very own Golden Globe last year at ManBar. However, it was no easy task, with tough competition from the likes of scally veteran, Luke Desmond, flavour-of-the-month Billy Rubens and Aaron Aurora to name a few.

“When I was first nominated I couldn’t believe it to be honest! I had to check a few times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. I have worked with everyone in the category apart from Billy - they are all great lads and really talented performers so to be nominated next to them felt great” speaking of his eventual win at the inaugural event. “I remember thinking to myself that there is no way I had won – even when they said the winner is Reece Bentley I remember feeling a little disappointed! Then everyone was looking and me and patting me on the back that’s when I thought hold on a minute ‘that’s me, I’m Reece Bentley’ so I made my way to the stage and I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say.”

But it wasn’t just Best British Twink that Reece had been in the running for, you may just remember that our hottie was also in the running for two further awards, Best British Newcomer and Best British On-Screen Couple. Did the win pave the way for a taste for gold and how was it having to grin and bear it after losing out on the two categories?

“To be honest, I don’t know why I was nominated for Best British Newcomer as I’d been around 3 years already, so that category wasn’t very suited to me. As for Best On-Screen Couple, it couldn’t of gone to a better couple to be honest,  Sam (Barclay) and J.P. (DuBois) deserved to win it I will be surprised if they don’t win it again this year! 1 award was enough for me I’m not greedy!” <<< NOT WHAT I’VE HEARD ;)

Speaking of the coveted Best British On-Screen Couple award, fans far and wide will have known of Reece’s relationship with co-star, Deacon Hunter (a personal favourite of mine) Now it doesn’t take Angela Lansbury to hazard a guess that their off-screen antics would mean for some sizzling chemistry on-camera, and with real-life boo’s J.P. and Sam taking the gold last year, one would have to wonder what this means for Reece’s chances this year.

“I’ve heard rumours about it, I don’t know how true it is, though I do think Deacon and I made a #HAWT couple!” (I totally see what he did there!) “You could see the chemistry there between us. I would love to win the award, though I suppose I would have to let him keep the award as I already have one!”

Speaking of which, where is he keeping that award? A trophy case? Mantelpiece perhaps? Not quite, for those of you who have managed to bag a tour of TXXXM Towers, you may have seen a sparkly trinket proudly on show.

“It’s in Ben’s office, he’s been keeping it safe for me, but I think it’s about time it found a home on my shelf” he muses.

With the Prowler Porn Awards 2015 just TWO MONTHS away, it’s now time for Mr. Bentley to put on his boxing gloves and prepare to go into battle to defend the title of ‘Best British Twink’, but according to Reece the pressure of retaining the award isn’t high of the agenda with the huge amount of twink talent on the market at the moment.

“Don’t get me wrong, I would love to win this award again, but it would be great to see someone achieve what I have and much more.”

Speaking of achieving, what is left for our star beyond the Prowler Porn Awards? Of course the P.P.A.’s are kind of a HUGE deal, but where does our award-winner want to go from here? I wanted to find out if exclusivity had its limits or if Reece or if he was happy to stay put. After three years it does appear that 2015 is a year of change and that new projects are on the horizon:

“What I was offered was a really good offer at the time, I didn’t want to be overexposed and spread myself across loads of companies. Now, I think it’s time to spread my wings a little further and experience working with other companies. One in particular I’d absolutely love to work for Is Bel Ami, I think they are amazing…..but, I am a true Northern Boy and I never forget my roots, my porn family and those who have helped me.”

Cryptic right? Talk about saving the best for last, now of course I tried to pry for details of the event, with the rumour mill going cray-cray with names on the guest-list. Of course, I am still none the wiser and while it does appear Reece is withholding information, there’s just no such thing as a punishment when it comes to these BoyNapped models! So my quest for answers will continue, but if you want to give Mr. Bentley your support, be it in helping him and Deacon in being nominated for Best British Couple or assisting him in retaining his Best British Twink title, then you have to nominate! So look for that big shiny, red tab and click it.

Get it? Got it? Good.

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