Presenting Deacon Hunter

February 19, 2015 by Apply To Model
It is open season….and no I’m not talking about hunting, visit web but voting! For those hermits out there, you still have time to contribute towards this years Prowler Porn Awards and help crown a winner and there’s plenty of lucky lads to choose from. Now I’m not one to brag, but it would appear I have something of a lucky touch given how my previous two interviewees; Reece Bentley and Adam Dacre, have both found themselves on the shortlist after winning gold last year, perhaps it will be the same for Deacon Hunter who joins me this week? Yes everyone’s favourite Male Dominatrix has taken time out from tying up and unsuspecting twink to sit down to share a Twix with me and talk porn, nominations and BoyNapping!….or that’s what I envisioned us doing if we were actually together. Anyway I digress… It can often be hard to build your name in the porn industry, gain that notoriety that really makes you stand out above the rest. Of course, our porn favourites are favourites for a reason, but it takes a while from a models first scene to actually gain that familiarity and fuck-ability with them. Of course there’s some stans out there who can probably answer my question in a heartbeat, but for everyone else, I wanted to get the low-down on Deacon’s first ever porn experience from two years ago. “My first role was for Boys on The Prowl, I had never done porn or any sort of work in-front of a camera, so I was pretty nervous in the beginning. I was in a scene with Adam Watson and Aiden Jason on a mini-bus driving around the ring-roads of Manchester and fucking on the back-seats, haha!” Well you’ve got to stat somewhere I suppose! Deacon continues. “I was expecting a simple scene in a studio, not on a bus! But all in all, I loved every second of it and since then, I have learned a helluva lot about positions and angling, which now helps me plan and direct my own scenes.” Directing? Oh yes, Mr Hunter isn’t just a freak in the sheets (or the mini-bus) but part of the Twisted XXX Media family, having developed his skills beyond the camera. “It all started back in late August, early September when Reece Bentley (Deacon’s partner at the time) twisted my arm into doing a shoot. I just thought to give it a go and afterwards when I was paid, I remember thinking ‘FUCK! I’ve just been paid for something I like to do!” – so I continued in doing so. After the first couple of months and then losing my ‘normal job’, Ben (Willis of TXXM fame) gave me an opportunity at Twisted that lifted my spirit and saved me from having to go hunting for something else. That’s when things got serious; I now have control and input into the daily schedules for our calendars, I also manage pretty much every model that comes through our doors. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else now to be honest! I am a very forward and outspoken person which is great in this industry as models know what to expect from me and what I want from them when they come to perform.” It was last year when TXXM began producing content for the original gay amateur’s site, Blake Mason, and Deacon having already become a favourite with fans of Boys on the Prowl and BoyNapped began appearing in all manners of positions and thus expanding his portfolio of work. Having already experienced the more Neapolitan kinks at BoyNapped, how did he feel about the vanilla end of the scale with being a Blake boy and which did he prefer? “To be honest, I have NO preference! I’m just a young lad who loves a good fuck. Be it passionate or rough, give me what you’ve got and take me to the extreme. I’m into the entire kink world in my work, and that does creep into my personal life of course, but I don’t always go rushing for the ropes and restraints when something horny happens at home!” As fans, it’s easy to get caught up in the fantasy of porn and forget that the performers are a mere mortal as we are (in spite of their godly good looks!). Like with any job, there’s pressure, especially for younger performers, having found himself in the industry at a young age – 18+ of course! – I wanted to know if these pressures to put on a show and look good etc. were ever something that daunted him in the beginning and how he was able to cope with the stigmas of porn. “For me, sex and work has never been an issue, I can separate the two as they are completely different emotions. I do put a lot of pressure on myself when I’m out on-set, thinking about how I can get my cock hard, never mind stay hard! Wondering if the other model is attracted to me or if I’m attracted to him, if my scene partner knows how I work and whether he’s comfortable with how I like to do things. So yeah, a lot of pressure is brought on by myself!” On the pressures of physical appearance in porn. “My overall look is something I have always been self-conscious of and I have wanted to make improvements on but I have never really put that much effort into doing. I see so many hot guys in the industry who have abs to die for and body’s of gods that I would also love to have, I just need to kick myself into gear and so something at some point but for now I’m doing pretty well and doing all I need the way I am. I still feel like I have years left before I draw the curtains on Deacon Hunter…” Deacon Hunter is one of those porn stars, who in spite of his age, has a signature look locked down. The platinum blonde hair, the bad boy look, even just seeing the Mohawk that he used to sport readied me for a good performance. But was this branding at its best or just a regular guy getting his work done? “My look and style is pretty trendy and mostly now I wear a lot of blacks and white with little colour clothes as I find it easier to match. Brand-wise, I love Armani I love the eagle and the material of the clothes as they fit so comfortably and hang so well. I do like to prepare an outfit the day before if I have plans for something to do, or else it will be a simple case of rolling out of bed and mixing some things together – throw on a cap and hey presto, let’s go!” Can you believe it’s been about five paragraphs since I’ve discussed the Prowler Porn Awards? I mean, that’s what you’re here to see, right? Well in spite of coming up short last year, Deacon now finds himself taking centre stage after being shortlisted for three performance awards – Best British Fetish Star, Best British Top and Best British On-Screen Couple. Having also worked the previous year’s event, was he excited now to be one of the multi-nominated names across the board? “Last year was immense, I was nominated once and had not been in the industry that long, so I was overwhelmed. This year, I was very shocked and really appreciative. Knowing all these amazing porn stars and their talents, having been doing what I do in terms of my work, I wasn’t even expecting a single nomination with so much talent to compete with. And with it being down to the public to decide, for them to even think of my name is pretty amazing and I can’t help but feel great about it! Feeling that people actually do like my work gives me an extra boost with my career and I cannot thank them enough for doing that. It really does make all that difference to how I perform knowing that I have a fan base behind me.” And of those awards that he had been nominated for, was there was that really caught his eye? Well, apparently not! “To win or not to win, either way I’m happy. I need nothing more to make me realise how well I’m doing when I have been selected for several categories already. Ben has told me I’ll be attending more as a performer than a crew member and that already felt pretty great! So there, my first award is that I’ve made it another year in the eyes of the public.” As someone that worked both sides of the camera and with Apply to Model being a sponsor in the event. I felt it was also important to acknowledge the amount of work that Twisted XXX Media were investing into the awards ceremony “They’re started planning the next one before this one has even finished! It’s a constant talking-point in the office, people always looking for new ideas of venues and what to do and all the other bits that seem so small on the night but really do make all the difference. It’s a lot of planning, thought and hard work put into it all.” Bisexuality in porn these days still feels like a taboo subject, regardless of what side of the porn industry you’re in. As a bisexual man, does gay porn hinder his chances dare he fancy the taste of something other than dick? “Nope - not at all! I can still go out with the intention of pulling a chick and getting what I want. Girls love a charmer, and a few people tell me I have a silver-tongue” *cough* “Jack Green.” *cough* Now there is SO much more we discussed, including Deacon’s award wish-list/predictions, his relationship with former partner, Reece Bentley, as well as his current boo Tyler Jenkins. On top of that there’s cocktails, highlights from Manchester Pride and looking into the future. So keep your peepers out as the unofficial Part Deux, will be on its way very soon! But don’t wait around for that to give Deacon your votes, click here if you want to crown this stud with one, two or three of the awards he’s up for!               The post Presenting Deacon Hunter appeared first on Prowler Porn Awards.