[PORNSPHERE PERSPECTIVE] JP Dubois and Sam Barclay – UK Hot Jocks

December 12, 2014 by Apply To Model

When I had first discovered UKHJ, view I was sceptical – not about your ability to pull it off – but more so because of the term ‘jock’ itself being some embodied in American culture as opposed to our own in the UK. Was it a joint decision to go for that ‘look’ in the initial building of the brand and do you feel like you’ve been successful in keeping to that?

Absolutely. We wanted to create a home for porn actors that were neither twinks, bears or muscle daddies. There was nothing that catered to these specific types of guys in the UK, though we’re not the typical American jock types, we do predominantly shoot young muscular or heavily defined, sporty guys. Very happy with how we’ve kept to it and we’ve no regrets at all :)

How did it feel to be acknowledged as the UK’s Best On-screen Couple at this years Prowler Porn Awards, did you feel like you were in with a shot due to being a real-life couple and are you sensing any contenders at the moment with this year’s nominations being decided? You have to defend your honour after all!

It was wonderful! A lovely accolade to recieve and achieve. I do think that being the only real life couple in the category certainly put us in good stead! I honeslty couldn’t say about next year? Porn couples are not as visible as you might think, though we do know of a few. Fingers crossed for next year!

Sam, how does it feel to work with and be with UK’s Best British Porn Star? Do the two of you become competitive at all?

No not all we are both very supportive of each other and work as a team really well together. I am really proud of JP’s achievements and very lucky to have such a great life partner pairing and business partner.

JP, how did it feel to win such a definitive award?

It was definitely one I didn’t expect to win! Though I secretly hoped I would. I was chuffed to bits.

AND you were hosting the event, how do you feel the Prowler Porn Awards went from a host’s perspective? Have you been asked to come back at all?

I genuinely haven’t heard about next year yet, though I know they’re planning to do it in March. I thought it went rather well for the first one! We need to celebrate our industry more in the UK as I don’t think we do it enough like our US counterparts. There were a few hiccups but overall it was a smooth and well produced operation.

Speaking of awards, UKHJ has been nominated at the 15th Annual Cybersocket Awards for Best New Site and Best New European Site – not only that but , how badly would you like to win and what do you think UKHJ does that makes it a worthy winner?

4 Cybersocket Awards! I don’t have to tell you that we’re bloody thrilled to bits. We’ve also got nominations for best scene (Toy Stories | Toys Don’t Tyre starring Darius Ferdynand & Jonny Kingdom) and Best movie (Toys Stories) I don’t want to jinx it by saying we’re in with a chance of winning any but boy would we love to! It would really put UKHotJocks on the international porn map and be our first accolade/s as a studio. The Nominations are a huge achievement in themselves.

One of the many things I LOVE about UKHJ is that you produce new stars, not only that but you’re able to have exclusives which is pretty rare in porn this side of the Atlantic. How do you scout your newbies? Because I am literally in love with all of them!

Hehe, I’d love to say that’s our little secret but the truth is its just a lot of seriously hard scouting. We’re in a position unlike any other UK studio where the bosses are also performers, young(ish) guys and I suppose that’s a lot more appealing to potential performers. We’ve always put the models first here at UKHotJocks. Simple things like making them look good, making them feel valued, part of the team and looking forward to shooting with us are so overlooked by other studios. We now have more models waiting in the wings than we can shoot which is an amazing position to be in and allows us to select the very best guys for our members.

And for anyone reading, what three things would you say that you both look for in new models?

Body beautiful guys, charisma, unique model looks

As a new studio, you have experimented with different models, but is there anyone for you (beside yourselves) that you say represents the brand completely?

Ooh, now I wouldn’t want to isolate anyone by saying one model we’ve already shot is more suitable than another. One of our theologies is not to show favoritism amongst our guys, it’s not fair and doesn’t do any value to self esteem. All I’ll say is you can look at whom we’ve shot a lot and who our exclusive boys are.

Similarly, as porn stars yourselves, do you prefer staying behind the camera and building your company or do you feel that the audience come to expect that you should be an active part of the films? Would you prefer it to do one or the other full-time?

When it comes to our own studio and productions we definitely prefer to be directing and producing rather than having to juggle it all at the same time and handing responsibility to an external cameraman. Though our members to ask to see more of us, so how can we refuse? Do expect to see a lot more of JP and Sam in UKHotJocks productions over the next few months.

As it stands, what do you guys think of the UK Porn industry?

That’s a very open question indeed! I think there is a lot to be learned and gained by other studios. Without naming any names some have definitely lost their way, forgotten their focus and missed the point of what making porn is all about: Pleasure. Yes of course any successful business has to make money but never to the detriment of certain elements. If making it, the models time and creation of your productions isn’t pleasurable, you’ve missed a trick. That said, I think we have a lovely community here in the UK, it can only get stronger, better and smarter. We certainly intend to :)

And how does it compare to the American Gay Porn industry? Aside from the big budgets of course.

I just want to quickly say that budgets shouldn’t rule the quality of your production. I would say the single most notable difference is that I believe the US industry is taken more seriously as a buiness and a viable industry to succeed in. The performers are taken more seriously too.

So far, you are the only UK Porn stars to have successfully launch their own studio, what advice would you give to other guys looking to do the same? Do you feel that most guys use it as a vanity project and focus less on quality, creating new stars etc?

You raise a good point! I think someone who takes on the task of developing an idea into a working studio website has to be prepared for it not to be easy. We can work as much as 70 hours a week each striving to make what we do a success. Be informed, get good legal advice, understand the industry and lastly, don’t make it all about one performer. After all everyone has a shelf life in the industry and UKHotJocks was never created to be all about JP and Sam and it never will be.

Of your guys, who would you say are the ones to watch for 2015 and beyond?

Hmm, there are so many to choose from. We’ve so much talent in Team HotJocks it’s hard to choose. Again, I wouldn’t want to show favoritism. Just keep an eye on our exclusive guys and the ones we shoot on a regular basis. Maybe we’re being overly diplomatic but it’s a principle that’s important to us.

Let’s talk Sex on Cars, some people felt that is was unnecessary show-boating, others loved the combo of sports cars and hot guys. What was the thought behind it?

People thought it was unnecessary showboating? It’s the first I’ve heard that. It’s only a movie, a theme. We don’t own the cars or claim to any kind of high end lifestyle. If I had a Roll Royce, Aston Martin, Jaguar and a Range Rover to call my own it wouldn’t be from porn money I can assure you, haha!
We’ve always been intent on making UKHotJocks about boys things, sports, cars, toys. This was just a natural progression for us. Plus guys like cars, gay guys like hot boys, put the two together and BOOM! :)

Where do you see the studio in 10 years time?

Impossible to say? I’d like to think we’ll still be going. Possibly with another site or potentially two? I would love UKHotJocks to be a well established and respected brand.

And JP, you were actually listed as one of the dream dinner guests in the last feature. However, who in the industry would be your dream guests to a porn-themed dinner party?

I was? Aww that’s nice :) Who said that? For my own dinner party I’d probably have folks I already know and am good friends with. Directors ChiChi Larue, Mr Pam, Christian Owen and a smattering of hot talented performers to boot… and plenty of champagne!

Finally, are there any others thoughts, shout-outs, or words the both of you would like to say to the reader?

I guess just stay tuned to UKHotJocks! We’ve only just got started and we’ve a lot in store for you guys. Big kisses! xxx