June 4, 2014 by Apply To Model


The Pornsphere Perspective is like any other interview, buy but putting the pretty boys of porn aside for a second, I’m looking to delve deeper into the thoughts of the guys and gals behind the cameras and scripts.  First up, Ben Willis, the man behind ‘twink-kink’ site BoyNapped (totally stole twink-kink from him too) with exclusive model Reece Bentley winning the coveted Best Twink prize at this years Prowler Porn Awards, it is testament to the rising success of the porn mogul. Now, with Blake Mason under his wing, I wanted to know what was next on the agenda…

[HAWT] Many will recognise you for you work both on-screen and off at BoyNapped, however your job goes far beyond that. Could you just give us a brief insight into your job and your day-to-day duties for those who don’t know?


 BoyNapped has, of course, been a big part of my life since putting the very first scene together in Spring 2008. A time when the ‘crew’ was made up of only TWO enthusiastic people – Tim Roberts and myself. These days, things are a lot different, I start most days with meetings, productions schedule meetings, crew meetings and so on. After that, it’s into production mode – writing, answering interviews and taking an active interest in porn stars and those we hire and plan to hire.


You have been C.E.O. of Twisted XXX Media for 8 years, in which time the company has grown tremendously! What is next for you?

From the start I’ve been focused and committed to building the business, bring new people into the company and giving anyone with talent and passion for porn, the opportunity to shine and bring their ideas to life. The business returned to creating client contact in 2013 and we constantly look to make changes and improvements that foster innervation and technical excellence, as well as space for new clients to share in the quality that is created by the team here at Twisted.


Fans don’t often realise the amount of work and effort that goes into producing porn, how big is your team currently? Who are the unsung heroes of the Pornsphere?

That is true and why should they? After all, when I watch a Hollywood blockbuster, it’s to relax and not to analyse the blood, sweat and tears that people might have gone through to bring the film to the big screen! We have a team of eight unsung heroes backstage – our production manager Scott, Ashton and Ryan, our production assistants, Deacon our runner, our post-production manager, Manic, who is in charge of all things ‘film-making’ and the man we call the ‘glue’ or Davey, who has so many tasks to do that this whole interview would be about him if I was to get started. Oh, I almost forgot Tim, who has the title ‘social media co-ordinator’, these days with Twitter it’s ESSENTIAL to have a social media co-ordinator (HAWT: PREACH!) He manages all our online activities and helps porn stars build a successful online presence.


You were present and involved at the ApplyToModel recruitment fair, how did you find the experience and furthermore how important is it that porn studios find new talent?

Twisted did indeed have a big involvement with the ApplyToModel recruitment fair, the bran is something we created to support the individual recruitment activities that porn companies traditionally undertake themselves. It’s vital that companies compete on creativity, expansion, brand awareness and others but co-operation and developing strong business partnerships is also equally important – ApplyToModel does this by bringing companies together to work on a shared interest of “finding new talent for future movies”.


Speaking of the stars, what is it that you look for in potential models?

In the first instance it is looks, physically condition and cock-size! But other things also become important – reliability comes at the top of the list with commitment to doing a great job, communication and being organised.


Where did the idea behind BoyNapped come from? Was the merging of twinks and bondage something you enjoyed personally and wanted to make or was it more the case of finding a niche in the porn market?

I had already done a couple of ‘twink kink’ DVD titles and had such an intense time that BoyNapped was inevitable! Of course things have developed and changed since 2008, BoyNapped’s first home was a million pound penthouse, but this changed in 2010, when we moved to an old derelict mill in the heart of Manchester, right across the road from Piccadilly Station. The mill could not have been more different, cold in winter, damp all the time, pigeons living on the floor above! The mill became the inspiration behind the ‘new’ BoyNapped and the introduction of kinks never tried before. Our newest home is also close to another loved Manchester institution, Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United. I have often wondered whether any of the MUFC players have signed up to watch BoyNapped and if they have, would they pop by if they knew it was filmed minutes from the ground!


At the start of the interview you mentioned you first ever shoot, do you remember it well?

I do! It was a solo with a lad called Daniel, who went on to become a life-long friend of mine. We filmed at his ground floor flat in Southsea near Portsmouth. He was in the middle of decorating his living room, so we did this decorator strips photo-shoot that must have inspired me enough to consider selling up everything in order to move to Manchester and set up Twisted. I guess I owe Daniel everything – thanks Dan!


I mentioned Reece Bentley winning the Best Twink Award at the Prowler Porn Awards earlier in the year, how was the event for you?

Twisted stepped into the unknown with the awards, as did Millvres Prowler, who co-sponsored the event (as Prowler Stores and Twisted as ApplyToModel). The awards attracted a massive amount of press interest and lots of top British Porn stars turned up to watch the 13 awards be presented. (BoyNapped exclusive) Reece Bentley did walk away with the best twink award, so a good night was had by all and we hope to be able to sponsor next year’s awards again.


How do you think British Gay Porn differs from out American counterparts?

Worlds and oceans apart! In the States, companies work together to build international brands. That’s only starting to happen in the UK and I hope this continues, because working together has to be in the best interests of the porn stars, that often find themselves the vessels of untrue gossip invented by one company to inflict damage on another. I’m sure this does happen in the States, but over here, some Brit producers do often excel at the negative business approach.


Twisted XXX Media recently took over the legendary Blake Mason, how was the transition for you? Did you feel the pressure of taking on one of the most recognised studios in British Gay Porn? There was a brief period where some scenes were a lot more scripted, like the After Hours series, before reverting back to the original amateur scenes. Has it been tough dealing with such a loyal fan base?

We did indeed take over filming the content for Blake Mason, it’s been a full-on few months, the members don’t like change and they don’t have a problem speaking their minds on the site’s very active forum! We take their comments on board and try to keep with the traditions but at the same time, try new ideas! But the pressure is always there to bring the members the very distinctive, amateur Blake Mason men.


You work with a lot of up-and-coming talent such as Deacon Hunter, Kenzie Mitch, Edwin Sykes etc. Who would you pick as ‘The One to Watch’ in the future of British Gay porn?

‘The One to Watch’, this kind of question can lead somebody into trouble! But I don’t mind a bit of trouble, it keeps me on my toes! People should be watching ex-Staxus exclusive, Mickey Taylor, and Kenzie Mitch who recently signed to be an ApplyToModel exclusive. Mickey has such a great camera presence and really understands how to attract the fans. Kenzie has another, very powerful talent, he gives off the most intoxicating sexual charge that drives you crazy – you simply can’t help but want to shag him senseless! Kenzie also has a dirty, dark size, and absolutely adores Boynapped. Each time we film with him, all he asks for is more and more extreme kinks!


Definitely sounds like one to watch! Well, if you could have any other British gay porn star for BoyNapped or Blake Mason, who would it be and why?

Such an easy question – it would be Kenzie Madison, of course he would have to be coming back as he is not new to either of the sites. Love him or hate him, Kenzie was and still is, one of the sexiest porn start that I have ever worked with and such an entertainer! Kenzie could take cock like a bitch and dom people in such a natural way, it was always such a pleasure to watch him at work.


And finally, if you were hosting a dinner party for yourself and five over members of the Pornsphere (both on-screen and off!) Who would they be and why?

1. Steve Thompson – C.E.O. of Dreamlogistics, who I met only once, he was engaging, such a gentleman and he paid for dinner, so it would be my treat this time.

2. Lyle Boyce – Because he’s super cute!

3. J.P. DuBois – Because I admire his contribution to British gay porn.

4. Paul Stag – Simply because he’s ace and a brilliant ambassador for porn.

5. My final guest would be Torsten Falk, someone that I have only known for a short time but find his views similar to my own, his passion for porn is inspiring. And his newest venture, Triple X Games is an inspiration.


Thank you so much for being the first in the Pornsphere Perspective! Hopefully it wasn’t too gruelling for you, is there any final thoughts or sentiments to share on Twisted’s behalf?

Under my leadership, Twisted will continue to invest in our flagship brand, BoyNapped, simply because it’s the best of its kind and responsible for introducing a complete generation of British twinks to the darker side. BoyNapped is a legend, a site like no other! Like Marmite, loved or hated, a passion, a cult and an all-round diamond in the rough.