[NEWS] Staxus Sashay Away from the UK…

August 25, 2014 by Apply To Model

Photo credit: Staxus.com

Staxus have left the UK, viagra 100mg I repeat, this Staxus has left the UK and it looks like things are about to get a whole lot HARDER for anyone interested in working them – and for once I’m not talking about that kind of hard.

At the end of last month, prostate an e-mail was sent out by Michael Burling, the owner of KissLads.com (who had produced the British releases for the site) confirming the closure of Birmingham based studio in favour of Prague, citing that the porn giants wanted to focus on increasing their content closer to home, in which he states will be better for workers both side of the camera:

Following a meeting last week, Staxus have decided to increase the size of their studio in Prague, and as such we will be moving the majority of our production to Prague as well. This will give us better facilities, together with accommodation for models and much more studio space.

He also confirms that production in the UK will cease at the end of this month #CryCry but that’s not all! The statement confirms the studio’s decision to axe safe-sex scenes in favour of bareback, a theme that had slowly been seeping into the site’s content in the past few months. Burling continues…

Its exiting times for us as we really strengthen our ties with Staxus for the long term.  However, I realise that many models won’t do bareback work and we therefore have to say goodbye to them.

So while KissLads and Staxus seem positive about the future, it’s a blunt exit stage left goodbye to models who aren’t willing to go the distance in terms of travel and raw sex scenes. Of course, this got tongues wagging and although Hawt managed to talk to a former KissLads exclusive, who had suggested that KissLads and Staxus were heading for a break-up, it now seems Burling and his team are also moving to Amsterdam to resume work there.

Again, this is bad news for anyone who had high hopes of working for Staxus in the UK, although it’s not the end either, more a case of how far one is willing to go. With bareback becoming the trend amongst studios outside of Britain, it comes as no surprise that Staxus would follow suit. After all, if you’re a fan of twink porn, what’s better than seeing a twink get fucked with a condom on? A twink getting fucked without one.

British models who have worked for Staxus include Paul Walker, Oscar Roberts and Connor Levi. They had also recently wrapped up a shoot, on-location, in Wales.


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