[NEWS] #PornProtest

December 12, 2014 by Apply To Model


Last week, discount the British Pornsphere was shaken up as parliament threw down the rule book (aka the 2003 Communications Act) with some shocking new additions. Gone are the days of face-sitting, viagra fisting and spanking as the ‘cleansing initiative’ of the porn industry begins, which for the Kink Kings and popular porn studious, could mean some serious shake-ups!

However if you’re not a fan of three scoops of vanilla, then fear not, as campaigners and porn-lovers alike gather for the #PornProtest outside the Houses of Parliament. Although this could be considered as ‘making a stand’, the porn protestors will actually be sitting……on other people’s faces……you know…..because it’s banned and they’re angry. Not to worry however, they will be fully clothed, just in case the mere idea had caused anyone to blush on this porn-based blog.

So – short notice, but if you’re reading this and can attend the happening today (Friday, 12th Dec) at 12 noon, get your coat (you’ve pulled) and march down to the beat of outraged porn-industry drum.
The [HAWT!] team wishes we were able to join, but unfortunately, we cannot. Thus, we need all of you brothers and sisters to unite and fight for our right to part… umm… kink! Okrrrrr?!