KJ Cash / TwinkPay Join Apply To Model Partners

November 12, 2014 by Apply To Model
18 new sites join Apply To Model

Mega sites KJ Cash and Twink Pay have joined the long list of studios within the Apply To Model partners, pharmacy bringing along 18 well known sites like cjxxx.com, stuff spunkstarz, more about thaigayboys and many more…kjcash

Along with joining ATM, they have changed “Become a Model” links on all 18 of their websites to link directly to us, brining a mass of new applications into the pool, benefiting all our partners.


Owner CJ had this to say:

“I have been so pleased with the quantity and quality of applications we have received since partnering with ApplyToModel.com I decided to switch the links on all 18+ of our sites to go direct to their form. CJ, Owner of KJCash/TwinkPay”