Introducing Mason McCloud

July 22, 2014 by Apply To Model

An Author of gay novels is going to be posting in our guest appearance category today.. He sent me something important we all should be aware of and think over in the work models do. He wanted me to post it for him but I think his post was quite good and he should have his name on it not Smacky posting for anyone. Specially when they are that good. So I will come back and tell you when he is ready. He just needs a speed course in how to use WordPress and we`re ready to launch..

Also we have brand new interviews coming up later.

Here is a sneaky peeky

Levi Stephan

Harry Jordan

Harley Jordan

Paddy O`Brian
The interview is a bit delayed due to him being on a holiday but should be ready in not long. But thats how it is with summer. And we gotta let people enjoy their holiday :)


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