[IN BED WITH] Reece Bentley

January 23, 2015 by Apply To Model



Good day HAWTies, are you bracing yourselves for another thought provoking, cock-stiffening piece of porn journalism? Well of course you are, you don’t just come for the cocktails! Earlier this week I made my Prowler Porn Awards debut with a porn fabulous piece on Britain’s Best Twink (official) Reece Bentley, who took the crown at last year’s awards. If you haven’t read it, I personally suggest you do ;) but if you’re looking for a quick fix without the stint in rehab, take a gander before and you may even find some extra tidbits of freshly squeezed juice.



Before we go any further, a big congratulashayla on winning Best British Twink at the awards last year, how did it feel back when you were initially nominated, facing stiff competition from the likes of Jace Tyler, Aaron Aurora, Billy Rubens and Luke Desmond?

“Thanks Hawt! When I was first nominated I couldn’t believe it to be honest I had to check a few times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things as Iv worked with everyone in this category apart from billy there all great lads and really talented performers so to be nominated next to them felt great.”

More importantly, what were you feeling when your name was read out as the winner?

“I was thinking to myself there is no way I have won – even when they said  ‘….And thethe winner is Reece Bentley’, I remember feeling a little disappointed! Then everyone was looking and me and patting me on the back, that’s when I thought ‘hold on a minute that’s me I`m Reece Bentley’ so I made my way to the stage and I was speechless I didn’t know what to say.”

You’ve been a firm favourite over on BoyNapped, which has a mahoosive following! Do you feel like that aided your chances for a twink-specific award?

“Yeah I think BoyNapped had an impact on me getting my award, it’s great site with some very loyal fans, some of who I talk to on a regular basis.”

You were also nominated for two other awards ‘Best British Newcomer’ which you lost out to Adam Dacre, and ‘Best On-Screen Couple’ which J.P. DuBois & Sam Barclay went on to win. Were you disappointed to lose out on these awards or were you already busy enough admiring the shiny new award you had won?

“To be honest, I don’t know why I was nominated for Best British Newcomer as I’d been around 3 years already, so that category wasn’t very suited to me. As for Best On-Screen Couple, it couldn’t of gone to a better couple to be honest,  Sam and J.P. deserved to win it I will be surprised if they don’t win it again this year! 1 award was enough for me I’m not greedy!”

So let’s take it back from the awards, for those out there who aren’t aware, could you just tell us how you got into the porn industry in the first place? Obviously you’re….packing….was that in itself a calling to XXX entertainment?

“I blame Ashton Bradley, he was the first person to contact me asking if I was interested (in porn). I wasn’t too sure at the time, I never thought I could see myself on-camera having sex – I was a shy boy!”

Did you find it intimidating starting in the industry at 18 years old or do you feel like you settled in quickly?

“It was rather intimidating at first, then as I found my feet it became second nature. I went on to direct some DVD’s for Boys on the Prowl, then film and edit for Twisted XXX Media. I think having experience behind the scenes helped my work in front of the camera and then working in front of the camera helped for working behind the scenes. I was given a great opportunity by Ben Willis (CEO of Twisted XXX Media) and he has helped me progress with my career, he has put so much time, effort and money into me and not only has he built a good working relationship, but a great friendship also.”

As we all know, the Prowler Porn Awards return this year on March 26 at the Shadow Lounge, as the first ever ‘Best British Twink’ is there any pressure to try and defend that title heading into this years awards?

“Don’t get me wrong, I would love to win this award again, but it would be great to see someone achieve what I have and much more.”

A lot of people are also speculating that yourself and Deacon Hunter will get nominated for the ‘Best British On-Screen Couple’ this year. How do you rate your chances given that last years winners (J.P. & Sam) were a real-life couple also and had the advantage of on-set chemistry?

“I’ve heard rumours about it, I don’t know how true it is, though I do think Deacon and I made a #HAWT couple! You could see the chemistry there between us. I would love to win the award, though I suppose I would have to let him keep the award as I already have one!”

There’s a lot of mystery and secrecy surrounding this years awards, have you heard anything on the rumour mill at all?

“Ahaha ha now that would be telling ;-P I also know some of the confirmed people all I’m saying is it’s gonna be bigger than last year!”

Do you enjoy being labelled a Twink?

“To be honest, no not really anymore! I’m bored of being a twink I think it’s time to reinvent myself as a jock.”

BIG QUESTION! Will you be attending this year and more importantly, who will be your +1?

“Of course I will be attending this years awards, as for my +1 you will just have to wait and see.” 

I know that the award is kept safely stored away at TXXXM towers, is that the original one or do you have your own statuette?

“It’s in Ben’s office, he’s been keeping it safe for me, but I think it’s about time it found a home on my shelf”

You’re a TXXXM exclusive, what lead to you making the decision to work for just one studio? Is there any other studios that take your fancy?

“What I was offered was a really good offer at the time, I didn’t want to be overexposed and spread myself across loads of companies. Now, I think it’s time to spread my wings a little further and experience working with other companies. One in particular I’d absolutely love to work for Is Bel Ami, I think they are amazing…..but, I am a true Northern Boy and I never forget my roots, my porn family and those who have helped me.”

If Reece Bentley weren’t an award-winning pornstar, what do you think he’d be doing?

“I actually can’t imagine my life without porn as I have learned so much! As a wise man once said iv been iv conquered now it’s time to move on and conquer something else I think it’s time to put more attention to finding myself a career away from the porn industry after all good looks don’t last forever.”
And if you want to see Reece reclaim his prize make sure he makes the shortlist and NOMINATE now!