[IN BED WITH] Harley Jordon

June 27, 2014 by Apply To Model


He’s cute, cialis 40mg he’s hung, visit web he’s already got the ass that everyone wants to fuck – oh yeah and he’s even got his own XTube page! So how on earth could I pass up an opportunity to interview one of porn’s rising stars – Harley Jordon? With his first ever video with Eurocreme on its way, cheap we caught him fresh off of a shoot with Blake Mason for all the juice and a few little questions ranging from his ever-growing popularity to his asses ever-growing popularity….oh and a few other bits of course – can’t accuse us of being limited here at [HAWT!]

So unzip those jeans and enjoy….


Hi Harley! I have literally  just caught you fresh off a shoot, how are you feeling and what can you tell us about it?

 I’m feeling good, just finished shooting my duo with Sam Bishop, so I’m pretty exhausted as you can imagine. My debut is coming soon which is exciting, everything is coming out at once and just in time for my birthday!


You have been able to build yourself a big Twitter presence long before even stepping in front of the camera. Does this add to the pressure now that you have people actively seeking out your work?

 My whole reason for creating an account was to break through into the industry and release the exhibitionist side of me. I’m quite lucky to have had the following and support I’ve gotten and met some amazing people through that. I only hope they enjoy my work.


 What contributed towards your decision to enter the pornsphere? Do you see it as a long-term thing? Or are you just taking it as it comes – quite literally!

 Working in porn is something I have been thinking of doing since I was 18, but never really knew how to get into it. Now I’ve started, I’m just taking it as it cums (two can play at that game).


 Who is/are your porn-spiration?

 Kayden Gray and Darius Ferdynand are two of my idols, just saying. They’re the two guys whose work I look out for and aspire to be like one day.



Do you have a motto in life? If so, what is it?

My motto in life is and I’ve stolen this off a well known drag queen……

water off a ducks back


  On a scale of Vanilla to Neapolitan (the latter being the most), how kinky would you say you are? Anything in particular that you like?

 I’m quite vanilla, I like the standard sex and blowjobs, but I have a thing for facials. That’s my fetish.


 You love a good arse pic, show us your favourite!


This one ^ I’ve actually entered @best_bums competitions and won twice in a row for my arse shots. It’s a gift.


 Are you in a relationship or single? Do you believe relationships can last if one or both guys are working in the industry?

I’ve been single for around 4-5 years, I’ve been in one long-term relationship but since then I think I’ve been far too picky, as for whether I think if guys can last if they are in the industry, I can’t say but personally I don’t think I could, I don’t like to share.


Describe yourself in three words.

Genuine, Straight-talking and cheeky.


 If you had one wish, what would it be?

Financial Freedom.


Would you say that Harley Jordon is a part of your personality or a character for the cameras and fans? Is it easy to separate the two?

 Definitely separate. I’m quietly confident but quite shy, if I am horny, Harley comes out.


Porn can be a shallow world, which can be emotionally daunting for newcomers, do you feel like you can handle the judgment that comes with working in the adult industry?

I can be very self critical and I’m always asking the producers if I look pretty on films, in jest but at the end of the day this isn’t a pageant, as long as you have fun that’s all that matters and enjoy what you do.


What’s the best way to your heart?

The best way to my heart is through my ass.


You are no stranger to modelling, but how is it different when porn is involved? Do you find it easer or harder?

It’s a different audience, for editorial it’s about modelling clothes, as for porn it’s all about your cock and ass! Different poses, different faces.


What projects have you got booked up in the future? Making any appearances at any of the Prides?

At this moment in time, I haven’t got anything else booked but watch this space! I wont be attending any prides this year as I’ll be busy moving and setting up home in Norfolk, but I shall be waving a flag in support from home!

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