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March 5, 2015 by Apply To Model

deacon hunter


Salutations you horny bunch, it might still be early in the day but I’m under the covers with a multi-time Prowler Porn Award nominee and all round kinkster, Deacon Hunter! Now as seen on ProwlerPornAwards.com he’s already told us about his beginning with Boys on the Prowl, all things BoyNapped and Blake Mason, as well as bisexuality in porn. Now, I’ve had my asthma pump I’m raring to go for round two in which Deacon predicts the Prowler Porn Awards, discusses his nominations in further detail and I ask that pivotal question of preference: Top or Bottom.

So get undressed and climb on in, there’s room for a small one! Enjoy Part Deux.


First of all Deacon Hunter, where did that name come from? I thought a Deacon was some form of holyman?

I was sat with Ben Willis filling out my forms and then it got to the name selection. There were so many good choices for names that I liked but the name Deacon Hunter stood out for me the most. The surname had already been chosen when my best friend text me with the suggestion, so that was it and I kept it. Now I find the name is pretty catchy and memorable.

I recently interview Reece Bentley, who you were in a relationship with up until last year. Now porn models dating porn models isn’t exactly re-inventing the wheel, but I’ve always wondered whether the relationships form through shooting scenes with each other or if it’s something deeper than that? You’re currently in a new relationship with porn newbie, Tyler Jenkins (pictured below) how did that come about?

“Reece and I knew each other since he was 17 years old, when he first started coming into the gay village in Manchester and got involved with my circle of friends. We never really up to much, apart from the first night I met him, I threw myself at him in a state (laughs) I frightened the boy so he hid in a bathroom until I was passed out. Tyler first came into the limelight when he was working at a bar, I was out with Ryan James chatting up one of the barmen and then Tyler came along. My draw jaw dropped and I was like “Look, Ryan, look! Fuck I want it!”, Ryan was telling me to go and ask him out but I remember my response being like “Really? Look at him, he’s got to be straight.”

“Two weeks I was working when Ryan and Ashton (Bradley) came in screaming “Look who’s applied!” and it was Tyler! They were warning me not to go messaging him and I was casually sitting there and saying I wouldn’t….even though I had already sent him about 20 messages! (laughs) So basically he was mine long before he applied, just nobody knew it yet! It’s not all about the sex, people within porn do get to know one another beforehand, in fact, Tyler and I didn’t do anything for two WHOLE weeks as I wanted him to think that I was a good boy…at least until he saw what I was really like!”

In his interview, Reece mentioned that he didn’t particularly enjoy being labelled a twink. I guess that’s something that comes with working within the BoyNapped brand, though personally while you’re young, I wouldn’t say that you are a twink. Even still, how do you feel about the label? Would you ever say you fit into that category?

“I have never been labelled a twink, ha! I can grow a full beard in four days and have enough meat on me to be classed as a full-on meal – not a light bite! Twinks are slimmer, younger looking guys, if I wanted to be a twink I could! I have the skills to make myself look a lot younger in the face.”

We’ve spoken about the awards that you have been nominated for, but what do you make of the competition in the categories that you have been nominated in? Anyone you feel is particularly stiff competition? Pardon the pun…

“I am just happy to be nominated alongside some serious talent, if you look any of these guys up they have so much work and it’s all fucking hot and sexy. Last year, both Kayden Gray and I were nominated in the same category and this year we’ve both been nominated for Best British Top. To me, Kayden is someone that I enjoy watching, so to be nominated against someone like him is something that’s pretty cool!”

Kayden Gray

And in regards to the other categories, who would you like to see take the top prizes at the Prowler Porn Awards, aside from yourself?

For Best British Twink, I would love for Alex Silvers to win as he is still this hot, little, vulnerable looking boy that you’d happily fuck the life out of! (Obviously 18+, as if we need to say!)

Best British Stud, Fuck I can’t decide! So it’s got to be a joint winner situation here. I would go for Kayden Gray and Sam Barclay, one for each end.

Best British Daddy is easy, give me Freddy Miller any day of the week!

If not myself for Best British Fetish Pornstar then that sick fuck we all know as Aston Bradley should win. You’ve seen his videos, he takes it to heart and lets the deviant little monster come out when he’s in front of the cameras.

Best British Newcomer would HAVE to be my Brazilian Bombshell, Bruno Bernal, he has an arse to die for!

Best British Website would of course be my home for Twisted minds – BoyNapped! Going alongside that, Best British Director would be my blackhearted, thoughtless c*nt of a bro, Ashton Bradley.

Best British On-Screen Couple, if not myself and Reece would sure as hell have to be Kayden Gray and Theo Ford, I mean just look at them!

I’m not going to answer Best British Pornstar because there’s too many guys nominated that I like, but my Best British Scene would go to Blake Mason’s 1000th scene as I got all the boys in for this. Otherwise, ‘Lured‘ by UKHotJocks as its one of those films I just love watching.

For Best British Fetish Scene it would be Cruised & Abused because I’m in the fucking thing, but again if not then it would be ‘Snatched 2′ by Bulldog – give me two lads who want to fuck the life out of me without knowing who they are. Best British Porn DVD would go to Euroboy’s ‘Weapons of Ass Destruction’, they deserve to win for all the effort put into this one by the director, crew and models. Trust me when I say the filming conditions for it were below freezing when it was filmed!

EuroBoy XXX - Weapons of Ass Destruction

Best British Top would be Luke Desmond for sure!….Or maybe Kayden Gray, again too much talent. Best British Bottom however would be J.P. DuBois, need I say anything more? His arse is devouring and sweet!

Now finally, for Best Online Supporting Media for Gay Porn there’s a 50:50 split! Decisions would have to go into a hat, my choices are HAWT! Blog, because the guys behind it always seem to have the gossip and the news and then Dirty Boyz for all the hot pics and advertising they do. I’m picking one out of the hat now and……

HAWT! Blog wins.

NOTE: We did not pay Mr. Hunter for this decision. He was happy with the Mars Bar we bribed him with instead.

A short and sweet one now, if you were a cocktail what would you be made up of?

“I’d be a Tequila Sunrise (Tequila, Orange Juice and Grenadine). Something sweet with a bit of a kick to it!”

We’ve talked in details about your work behind the camera as well as on-screen, name three people you’ve enjoyed working with and why?

“My first would easily be Alejandro Alvarez, he was such a fun character both on and off camera – Woof! Haha. My second choice would probably be Dan Broughton, that was my second experience with him having already met him a few years before and hitting it off, this one was certainly more memoerable. Finally my third would be Nathan Gear.”

What’s Deacon Hunter doing when he isn’t BoyNapping and dripping candlewax over everyone’s torso’s?

“I’ve recently done my place up, so I’m taking more pride in my living quarters! I like to keep it clean and fresh, so I spend a lot of time just cleaning up. I’m a messy fucker on the sly, but aside from cleaning I also enjoy watching movies in my cinema suite.”

James Lain And Deacon Hunter

You have to be open-minded in porn, but with yourself is there anything you wouldn’t do?

“Well up until a few weeks ago, my answer might’ve been different, but now there’s absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do.”

I briefly met you at Manchester Pride last year during my stay at Twisted Towers, now it certainly seems like you had fun, but what was your pride highlight?

“I always know how to have fun when partying, it’s something I enjoy all too much of. Now though, I’m slowing the pace down as middle-age is creeping up on me. My most memorable moment from Pride would have to be seeing Anastasia singing away. I was looking closely and it looked as if she were miming, I started to cry (laughs) I was thinking what a load of shit it was, but then it turned out that her microphone hadn’t been turned up. Anastasia was someone I enjoyed listening to when I was growing up, so that was the best moment of Pride 2014.”

We now know that Bel Ami and Cock Boys will be special guests at the Prowler Porn Awards. Who would you most like to see?

“Well I have no idea who is coming but Anthony Romero would be hot!”

And speaking of international studios, does jet-setting across the globe to film sound like something you would like to do in the future?

“It would be great if I could, yeah, but I would have no idea who to contact for that!”

Here’s a big question to end on now, do you prefer life as a top or a bottom? And Deacon, versatile isn’t an option here!

“Oh you arsewhole, why ask!? Okay, so I have worked as a bottom about four or five times and yeah it’s hot, but I don’t seem to settle in front of the camera and I’m more comfortable as a top. At home I am the biggest sexual predator, you would not believe it! I can be a complete slut-of-a-bottom when I get going, I’m roaring for more! I prefer life on the edge, or both sides but I guess it depends what mood you happen to catch me in.”

FINALLY! What would you like to say to your fans, bearing in mind that there’s still voting to be done with weeks to go until the big event.

“I would like to say that I think they are all really so fantastic for all the support that they give me and I am thankful for it. They are the ones who helped create who I am today so it’s all down to them!”




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