[IN BED WITH] Cameron Wilson

July 26, 2014 by Apply To Model
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Our In Bed With… feature is back and we’ve whipped back those covers to find a blast from the past hiding away! Cameron Wilson was a mere 19 year old twink when he first started working with some of the top British studios. However, after getting drilled by some of the best in the business, Cameron disappeared….UNTIL NOW! Having returned earlier this month, I decided to find out what happened when he went M.I.A., what’s next for him and what NOT to do with him in the sack!

?Now some people might recognise you from around the pornsphere back in 2009, when you were only 19! Younger guys starring in porn isn’t exactly a new concept, but I do always find it interesting as to what motivates someone so young to get involved and what were people’s reactions when they found out your new career?

“I enjoy sex and I have always been very businesses-minded, so porn and the cash I earn from doing porn go really well together! I don’t have a problem telling people or talking to people that ask me about the movies that I have done. On the whole, people really like the idea of what I do, they have a lot of questions about it, which I enjoy being asked about.”

?Back then, you worked for big British studios such as Blake Mason, Bulldog Pit, Eurocreme and Hard Brit Lads. Do you have any particular favourites?

“I like filming with twinks, lads around my own age and my favourite site to film with has to be Hard Brit Lads – it’s a really great site to film with and Simon Booth (the director) is such a nice guy.”

? In addition, you have worked with some big names such as J.P. DuBois and Luke Desmond, how was it working with those guys? Do you ever wonder if you could have shared their success if you hadn’t taken your break from porn?

“That’s not something that bothers me really, I took time out to concentrate on my own career, which was the right thing to do at the time and then turned out to be the right thing to do in the long-term. I’ve had a successful career outside of porn, I don’t want to get to the end of my porn career and think ‘now what?’. Not that Luke Desmond or J.P. will be in that position, but I just wanted something more than porn.”

?Another guy, who you have been lucky enough to work with is the legendary Matt Hughes, one of Britain’s best porn stars. More importantly, you got his 12 inch cock! That’s pretty impressive to have on your C.V. in pornland, was the experience as good as it looked?

“The experience was so good – a little painful at first but I would definitely do it again if I was offered the chance! Matt’s very professional and I am too, so we worked really well together and the movie was a big success. People always like to see a monster cock pound a tight twink’s arsehole!”

? You returned to the pornsphere a couple of months ago, starting with Blake Mason – with all the production changes, how did the experience compare between now and back in 2009?

“The thing that I noticed the most was how much the production standards were. The last time I filmed with Blake, it was all done at the owner’s house and the camera guys were a bit unprofessional, but not that’s very different. We filmed in a studio with a crew and the whole experience was much better.”

? What is your biggest turn-on when it comes to guys?

“Twinks and feet! I have just realised that I have never publicly told people that I like feet, it feels good to think that more people now know my kinky side!”


? …And alternatively, what is your biggest turn-off?

“Fingering. I hate being fingered. End of.”


? A lot has changed since 2009, there’s a crop of new talent just waiting to fill your arse! Is there anyone you’re looking forward to working with next? Anyone who perhaps wasn’t around during your first stint?

“I always look forward to working with whoever I am put with but twinks get me a little more excited than daddies, for example. Looking around I would love to get fucked by Leo Blake (of BoyNapped) and another new, cute lad called Leo Rain, who filmed with EuroBoy XXX a couple of weeks back. My bad luck though, he was doing a threesome with Colby Parker and Mickey Taylor – my turn next time!”


Leo Blake (left) & Leo Rain (right)

Leo Blake (left) & Leo Rain (right)




? What has been your most exciting sexual experience (either on-screen or off) and why?

“Sex in an open-top car, it really turned me on, the idea of getting caught by someone or even someone watching and getting off to us shagging!”


? According to your Blake Mason profile, you’re a former army lad – is that true? Did porn affect that area of your life and just to lower the tone a bit further, were there any shenanigans in the barracks?

“That is true, I joined the army after leaving school, did my three years service and learned a lot about myself – I left as soon as I was able to, but I don’t regret doing service, it was a great time and I did/learned things that will help me in my life forever. I wasn’t ‘out’ in the army, so shower time was always fun but also a problem because erections can give the game away and that kind of unwanted attention can lead to a broken nose or a black eye.”


? Twitter has found itself to be a great platform for connecting porn models with their fans. Do you follow social media? Is there anyway we can connect with your or do we have to keep lusting to ourselves?

“Nope, I don’t have any social media profiles, I don’t follow Twitter, Facebook or any of that crap!”


? What’s next for you Cameron? Anymore shoots lined up?

“Well I have filmed a scene with Blake this morning, I did a duo with the sexy Bruno Bernal. Next week, I am filming with BoyNapped, then the Eurocreme crew after that, which I always look forward to! Lee and the team are great to film with and are always trying to get me to sign as an exclusive, but that’s not going to happen, so guys give it up!”