[IN BED WITH] Bruno Bernal

September 3, 2014 by Apply To Model

He was crowned Hawt This Month earlier in the week and now we have an exclusive interview with one of porn’s hottest newcomers. Forget about the Olympics or the World Cup, viagra 60mg the only games we want to see British Lads compete in is a full-on fuck-a-thon with Bruno Bernal. Yes, visit web he’s terribly handsome and he’s stacked like a dishwasher too, but pornstars are people too! So get to know this stud as he talks about being fuck-nasty, his post-shoot selfies and shows that he’s clearly not seen Zoolander before…


Porn can be a long day of work, but you seem to have done a lot in so little time, what’s kept you motivated?

I started in the industry around four months ago and I would say that the feedback keeps me motivated –
hearing back from other models, the crew, the fans that I’m doing a good job is what makes me want to do more of it.

Do you ever wonder if there is more to life than being really really ridiculously good looking? ;)

Even though beauty matters in my porn career, I like to keep it about my personality too! I’ll never let compliment go
to my head, my mind might be dirty but it’s not egotistical. My real beauty is all about my simple and kind personality that I can share with others.

Have you got a favourite scene of yours yet? You HAVE to choose one, no one likes “they’re all my favourite” answers!

My scene with Kayden Gray Directed by Ashley Ryder

You are perhaps one of the most photogenic people I’ve seen, what is your favourite part of your body?

Well, I keep changing it ,I like my eyes, but people normally say my legs or my bum, then I’m not sure about my favourite part.

You have been known to enjoy a pre/post-shoot selfie, (as seen while shooting with UK Hot Jocks & Lads Next Door) is that part of warming up for a shoot?

My pre/post-shoot selfie is all about to updated you guys about my work and to fell close to who ever enjoy it,
I don’t have a particular way to warm up. I Just try concentrate in my job and give what people is expecting from me,
the rest is all about to have fun with who I am shooting with ;)

Who has been you favourite guy/the hottest guy to work with so far?

Kayden Gray. There is a reason: I received a last-minute call from Ashley Ryder, asking me if I could come to the studio
to replace a model. I was a bit unprepared, but upon arrival there, the gorgeous and talented Kayden Gray hosted me, so
kind and making me felling so comfortable. The chemistry came so natural and we had an amazingly hot shoot.
So far Mr Gray is my favourite.

Confidence and presence is really important for a porn star, are you a confident person in life or have you had to work at it?

Before I got in the porn industry I used to be an actor, back in Brazil. I am qualified at the University
of Cinema and Performing Arts. Plus, I am naturally a confident person, so I guess it just is a part of me.

Why have you ONLY just decided to do porn now? Was it ever under consideration beforehand?

Only because I never thought to do it before, until my ex date Justin Blake (who is also a porn model)
and Ashley Ryder convinced me to start. Thanks to them I love what I do.

What is your favourite brand of underwear?

When it comes to underwear, I used to normally wear blacks or whites, simple styles from any brand, but I LOVE Dolce & Gabana.
Doing porn I have learned to appreciate different colours and styles, so I’ve grown to love Andrew Christian and Aussie Bum underwear too now.

What would you like to achieve in porn? Any particular companies you want to work for or models you want to work with? Any experiences you’re yearning to try?

No models in particular and nor am I desperate to try anything – I’m giving it my all. Whatever comes
I am happy with the results because I know is the reflection of a job done well – not only by my performance
but the whole team. I do like aggressive sex though, so any studio where I can go to and get that is good for me!

You have done amateur shoots and scripted, do you have a preference between getting off and getting off in-character?

Not really, whichever one I’m doing I’m a fuck-nasty bastard!

Your body is amazing, how do you keep in such good shape? What’s your biggest temptation?

To be honest, I don’t really work out a lot; I just try and keep myself balanced. So if something
upsets me, I just diet and do a few work outs. Sweets are my biggest temptation, all of them, so yeah,
it helps to keep my exercise and nutrition balanced after them.

Who in the porn world would make up your dream three-way? (Including yourself)

My dream three-way would have to be with US porn stars – Rafael Alencar and Cliff Jensen.

How did it feel when you first saw yourself on film? Was there ever a feeling of regret or we you more excited to continue with porn?

No regrets at all, but for a few minutes I was a bit upset because I felt like I could
have given more to the shoot. After that, I realised what a great start I had actually
made and that experience comes with hard work.

Do you have a motto in life?

“Always give to the next person what you expect to receive back, but never expect
as much from them, even if you are giving them your best.”

With a massive Twitter presence, is there a pressure to keep your fans and followers happy
with pictures or is it a struggle having to put yourself ‘on stage’ all the time to be the porn
star that people are looking at/talking about?

I am so thankful for the attention and support that my fans give me, giving them a good shoot
back is my way of trying to thank them. I wish I could have more time to be close with my guys,
I love to share tweets and keep them updated with what I’m doing, or just talking to them.
For me it’s a real pleasure, aside from finding the time to do it, there’s no struggle at all.

What’s next for you?

Just to carry on doing what I’m doing really. I always like to remember that nobody knows
what’s about to happen next, so I just live for today and give it my best.

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