[IN BED WITH] Ashton Bradley

January 7, 2015 by Apply To Model



Welcome porn lover-lovers and a happy 2k15 to you all! Now what better way to wake up to the New Year than turning over and discovering a porn pro lurking underneath the sheets? Well, viagra that’s exactly what you’ve got because I got a loose-lipped access interview to the dominating and directing extraordinaire ready and waiting for your peepers…


You’ve been really immersed in the pornsphere for a number of years now, be it as a model in-front of the camera or behind the scenes directing and editing. How did you enter the world of porn and then go onto become so heavily involved in production as well as the modelling itself?
Its always been something I have enjoyed doing and being around, many of the guys I was seeing in my teens are now big porn names even though back then we didn’t even dream of it. I turned down a few modelling roles but then when BoyNapped asked me – how do you say no to your favourite site!? From there, I think it took about 3 months to go from model to director and I love every part of both sides.
Do you have a preference? 
Maybe its because I’m getting on a bit these days, but I actually prefer it behind the camera.
Continuing the tradition of on-screen/of-screen themed questions, what has been your favourite scene to shoot and what has been your favourite to star in?
In the last twelve months I guess it would have to be the Christmas episode for Phoenixxx.com – Having Hans Berlin yell ‘That’s it boy, come on Santa’ was definitely a big moment. In terms of starring, that would be dominating Dan Broughton!
You have also worked for Treasure Island Media, which always provides a source of controversy, can you tell me what they were like to work with? Does it differ from the way other studios operate?
Yeah, I worked with them! I don’t think I have ever worked with a more passionate team of people. They are great guys and I really miss seeing them now I’m not in London.
BoyNapped is not for the vanilla lovers, so with that in mind, have you always been into kinky sex or did porn intensify it?
I was always adventurous, Porn just defined my kinks a little more, It gave me a chance to explore things I don’t think I would have done in my private life.
Changing the tone slightly! You are one of few British Gay Porn stars to come out as HIV+ and you did that in a very public way, now obviously it got people talking, with most offering their support. However, where there’s help, there are haters, do you regret opening up about it so early on?  
Not at all, I believe you should always be true to who you are! I wouldn’t say I am a person who claims to be proud to be positive, but I’m not ashamed of it either – it is just who I am. It’s always nice to know that being open about it has helped people, but personally I don’t think I ever felt the need to hide it in the first place. The only bit I don’t really talk publicly about is how I contracted HIV, and that is out of respect for the other person involved not because I don’t want tell you.
I remember people trying to point fingers and suggest that certain scenes and studios is what lead to your diagnosis, I liked that fact that you were quick to shoot those rumours down. Does it irritate you that there’s still such a stigma when it comes the porn stars lifestyle?
People will always have opinions, and rightly or wrongly will form them with no or little information, it’s human nature to do it. Worrying about what other people think of me because of my job or my status wont change what they think. At the end of the day no matter what they may think of us… they still log on and get off to us doing what we do best ;)
You recently wrote a really touching piece, ‘A Positive Outlook‘, over on your own website. What has the response been like and did it help you to get your feelings off your chest?
I actually wrote that for myself, I needed to get some things out! It was a few weeks later I decided to vamp up my site and publish it. I wasn’t expecting the reaction I got. I had so many people e-mailed or tweeted to show support or thank me for helping them get through the same thing. If I am honest, I really didn’t expect anyone to read it! It was touching that so many people actually cared.
When we last saw each other at Manchester Pride, it was the day of the emotional candelit vigil. Understandably, your emotions were running high. How are you feeling these days? 
It was a hard day, but I realised that day the huge amount of love and support I had around me. Being there with my mum and step-dad and my entire porn family (Ben Willis, Ryan James, Mickey Taylor, Edwin Sykes, etc.) was a truly moving experience. I felt the enormity of what I had done to myself but at the same time felt the support of the thousands of others there in my position. As much as it hurt to go to, I honestly think it is the most important part of the whole pride weekend.
Your mum as well as being a big support is something of a Twitter sensation (@jonesymax) and all-round gay icon, do you ever feel like you’re living in her shadow? ;) And how does it feel to have her support you when some other porno parents might not be so understanding?
Ha! My mother is a freaking legend! She sees through all of our big porn personas to the people behind and loves people for that! I couldn’t ask for a better mother, she is the porn mom to so many of my friends and takes them under her wing, Mickey Taylor even came and spent Christmas with my family whilst his were in Australia. 
Okay speaking of your Porn family – Deacon Hunter, Edwin Sykes, Mickey Taylor – Shag, Marry, Kill?
Marry Mickey (he is my wife) Shag Edwin (again) Kill Deacon (better life insurance)
Have you ever had/filmed any cringeworthy moments, if so, can you dish the dirt?
Many, and almost all involve Deacon Hunter… Maybe one day you can let him dish the dirt!
I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it enough times, but the Prowler Porn Awards are back in March, is there anyone you’d like to see acknowledged in any of the categories? Are you looking for a cheeky nom in Best British Fetish Porn Star?
There are a few catagories I would like to see my name in but the UK have produced some great work this year! I am a HUGE fan of Ashley Ryders work with BullDogXXX so wouldn’t be too upset on losing out to him.  
On the assumption that you’ll be in attendance for the event, will a certain Timmy Treasure (pictured above) be your plus one? Haha
Haha! Someone IS keeping themselves up to date with the ins and out of my life aren’t they. It’s always good to show up with some nice mancandy on your arm so I guess the boyfriend WOULD be the logical choice.
Speaking of relationships, you and Edwin Sykes were together until recently, but in spite of the split it appears that the two of you still get on very well. Personally, I find it a refreshing change because so many porn relationships can turn very sour, very fast! What are your thoughts on relationships within the industry?
We helped each other through A LOT of personal issues during out time together, this is the guy that held my whilst I was seroconverting, took me to every hospital appointment, and stuck by my side through every high and low. Just because we didn’t work out as a couple doesn’t mean I am ever going to let that boy out of my life. He means too much to me for that #MASHWIN
And finally we face-fucked goodbye to 2014, what is your New Years Resolution and what can we expect from Ashton Bradley in 2015?
In 2014 I started building my career back after a break in 2013. This year I aim to make it even better J