[IN BED WITH] Adam Dacre

February 12, 2015 by Apply To Model


So it may be old news to you eagle eyed boys and gals of the ProwlerPornAwards website, but I carried out my very own little KiKi with my man-chum, Adam Dacre, also know as my person Polski Prince of Porn. Obviously this interview was carried out before the shortlisted nominees were announced, so don’t fret he hasn’t come down with a mild bout of Amensia, he is fully aware that he is up for Best British Stud this year! If you fancy making him a two-time PPA winner then just click here to do so or if you want to be rubbing shoulders with him (you’ll have to fight me off first) get those tickets today….

Otherwise enjoy your little read, there’s some bonus HAWT tidbits in there too, don’t let it be said we just re-hash the news!


So let’s start from the beginning, it’s as good a place as any! You were born in Poland, then moved over to London where you’ve settled for years now, what made you want to get into the porn industry?

“I have always been a bit of exhibitionist, even a narcisisist! I have a degree in music and previously I had wanted to perform on stage, but upon graduation I had gotten really fed up with the whole thing. I then decided to turn to something else that I was passionate about – human sexuality.”

Last year was a big year for you, not only did you win a prized Hookie Award (for Mr International Escort) but you found yourself sashaying away with a Best British Newcomer award at the Prowler Porn Awards. How did you feel when the initial nominees were announced and your name was included? Did you ever expect to go on to win?

“I was excited to be nominated at the time,  I obviously wanted to win but I didn’t expect it as there were from very strong names (Reece Bentley, Riley Tess, Tyson Tyler, Kayden Gray etc) I think being nominated early and going on to win can have its ups and down; the success that I have had in the past year gives me a nice ego boost and generates more exposure, but I don’t want to let that all go to my head too much. I’d rather be grateful for the recognition and keep up the good work.”


So with a Hookie and Prowler Award under your belt, what is it that you think that people like about yourself? Other than y’know…the sex and dick?

“I just think that I am not a stereotypical porn star! Yes, I am into superficial thing, but I am also a deep thinker. I’d like to think of myself as a respectful  and considerate person, especially in the way that I treat others and I hope that transpires in the way I come across.”

Now technically you were in winner’s row twice at the PPA’s last year when Twelve Fucks and No Funeral was hailed as Best British DVD. Personally it is one of the most ludicrously brilliant premises for a porn feature film, what was it like to actually film?

“It was fun to film, especially witha  real coffin on-set. I was just happy to be part of something that got such a good reception.”

You career has taken you across the globe, what has porn been like to film oversees and how does it differ from here in Blighty?

“Americans do everything on such a large scale, unapologetically so and with total conviction. I’d love to see the industry take the same approach over here, I think the Prowler Porn Awards are a great opportunity to showcase that.  I fell in love with New York City, I was very priviledged to make my stamp over there” (after being invited over by Rentboy.com to recieve his regional Hookie Award)

So back to your Prowler Award, where are you keeping it these days? Trophy Cabinet, attic or in the bottom of a box somewhere?

“The award sits prominently on my bookshelf, it’s not something I go out of my way to brag about, but nor do I want to hide it!”

Onto this year’s awards, will you be attending Shadow Lounge on the 26th March and who will you be taking on your arm – aside from me of course!

“As last year’s winner of Best British Newcomer to porn, I have actually been invited back to present the award this year. As for who I am taking, I came out of a long-term relationship recently and am just beginning to enjoy the single life again. So no plans on taking anyone, but the options are open…”

The shortlist has been announced, is there anyone (besides yourself) that you feel deserves to win in particular this year?

“Ah, that’s flattering! Thank you very much. I think Alphamales/ Bulldog Pit director, Ashley Ryder deserves an award for still being able to produce high-quality videos in the hard times that the porn industry faces these days.”

Looking beyond the awards, what does 2015 hold for you? Is there any studio that you would like to work for?

“I am taking a little break from the industry at the moment, but when I’m back I would like to work with some of the big studios in America and Spain – the latter as I am into Mediterranean looks. As with other stars, there are a few names I would like to work with, but it’s often just an on-screen/off-screen fantasy, you never know if there chemistry is going to be there until you meet them in person!”