[HAWT!] This Month…Kayden Gray

May 11, 2014 by Apply To Model


WE’RE BACK! Not to fear, more about we never left you, we were here the whole time. Following a short little break, Hawt Blog is looking to fill your day with porn goodness.

Now you may have remembered that we were deciding on who would wear the inaugural crown for Hawt This Month, where we celebrate one special guy for their contributions to the world of XXX Entertainment the month prior. The decision had been made and we’re pleased to FINALLY announce that [HAWT!] This Month is…..Kayden Gray.

Credit to @KaydenGrayXXX

Credit to @KaydenGrayXXX

Yes, the title is a bit of a spoiler in itself, but despite losing out at the Prowler Porn Awards, Kayden has won our hearts and hard-ons with his versatility. Having also met him at the event, it is even more of a privilege to reward him with such a memento for his love of the business as well as his…ahem attributes. Since Hawt Blog launched, Kayden has featured prominently, proving that he’s certainly out to make a name for himself – and with a tight body, sizzling six-pack and 9.5 inch cock, what’s stopping him? Kayden has shown that whether he’s alone or with company, top or bottom, he can steal a scene and really put across that porn is far more than just a routine, far more than just work. Don’t be fooled, porn is a job and as with any job, there’s a helluva lotta long hours involved, yet with Kayden’s intensity and horniness you would never have known. Having come such a long way (both figuratively and literally) in a short amount of time, it seemed only right for Kayden to be the first to hold the crown.

So if you’re reading Mr Gray: 1) Get down to us for a [HAWT!] Photoshoot and 2) CONGRATULATIONS!