Every Inch Of Choirboy

May 20, 2014 by Apply To Model

As “Choirboy” begins, sildenafil the first installment pairs together two delicious young men with angelic faces and demonic sexual prowess. Luke Desmond and Rox Matthews are singers, changing into their Choir outfits while in the vestry and “Stretching His Vocal Chords.” Ever horny, they waste little time, distracted by lean, smooth bodies. Rox, who speaks fluent French to English lad Luke, says something naughty. And that’s all it takes for Luke to then whip out his giant stiff monster cock and wave it in the tiny Frenchboy’s face. It is massive, like a torpedo, and nearly splits Rox in half! But first, Rox devours as much of Luke’s swinging meat as possible, even though he can barely fit half of it in his mouth! Moving to that peachy ass of his, Luke wets his choir-mate’s ass, slowly sliding the entire length — every inch of choirboy — balls deep, nearly fucking Rox off the chair in the process. Bouncing atop Luke’s now fully engorged dick, Rox feels every one of his fuck buddy’s 9-inches and both soon shoot their loads, narrowly missing the Deacon’s prized vestments. Very nearly caught by the Deacon himself, it’s a close-call, one the Deacon probably wishes he’d found!