August 3, 2014 by Apply To Model

Having being more than impressed by the softcore version of ‘BellBoy’ from Eurocreme, salve  I made an executive decision (with the help of a few inebriated friends) to invest in the hardcore R18 edition, link available on DVD or for download from their online store.


Admittedly, case at 1c shy of $40 USD, it is at the Marks & Spencer end of porn rather than my usual Lidl fare but, in the light of what I had already seen, I was happy enough to give it a try. Ignoring my initial inner whinge that the download price was exactly the same as the DVD delivered to your door (more, in fact, if you opt for the HD version), we settled back to discover whether the explicit version lived up to the promise of the softcore trailer…and I’m pleased to say that it did!


Excellent cinematography, believable dialogue and a high standard of acting are three commodities that are often forsaken in gay porn yet can be found, in abundance, in this production. Exterior filming, I would imagine, creates much greater logistics and budgetary issues than entirely studio based output but, in the case of ‘BellBoy’ at least, it appears to have been time and money well spent. The majority of the film is based in Blackpool, with plenty of external scenes that highlight both the picturesque and the sleazier side of the North of England resort; a perfect, if somewhat unorthodox, backdrop to a porn movie.


The entire cast of ‘Bellboy’ are young, handsome and perfectly (ahem) equipped for their roles. The lead character, Jake (Jacob Daniels) power bottoms his way through two beautifully shot sex scenes, including a threesome with the very well-endowed redhead Levi Stephans and a grinning, panting Harley Jordan, as the story of his time in the holiday resort unfolds. Those who have seen the softcore trailer will be familiar with the rest of the plot but what you won’t have seen, of course, are the five full length sex scenes that are the meat and bones of the R18 version.


Opening with Kayden Gray and Kai Alexander, each scene is expertly shot with no shortage of good hard action and delightful close-ups. Following the already mentioned three-way between Jacob, Levi and Harley (my favourite scene of the entire movie) we are treated to a delightful coupling between Jordan Jacobs and Sky James, a very erotic solo by Robbie Turner and the final ‘happy ever after’ shagfest between Jacob Daniels and Jordan Jacobs. Each is filmed with attention to detail and contains enough naked naughtiness to satisfy the most demanding of palates, and each would stand alone as a quality chunk of twink-based porn. Combined, and along with the aforementioned standard of dialogue and acting, they serve to produce an exceptionally satisfying production that rises, like the proverbial cream, to the top of its genre.


All in all, ‘BellBoy’ is a delightful movie, pornoplus perhaps, and definitely a cut above the typical raft of other offerings available, but is it worth $40?  Much like food, wine and most other commodities in life, the best always does cost that little bit more. Everything about this production is high quality and, in a world where gems are sometimes rare, it stands as a fine example of the old adage that you really do get what you pay for.


Mason McCloud

Writer of Gay Erotica

Twitter: @MasonMcCloud