Choirboys Nearly Caught In The Act

June 3, 2014 by Apply To Model

The Choirboy action continues at Eurocreme! This week we feature Lyle Boyce and Alex Silvers. Soft moans escape youthful Lyle, medical his pale skin and strawberry blond hair making him look younger than he is. For shame! The duvet shifts and up comes fellow blond beauty Alex with his angelic face, viagra demonic smile, buy more about and cherry-red cocksucker lips. He’s just finished his turn of tongue worshiping dick and now insists Lyle takes his turn. More than happy to oblige, the cock hungry twink dives onto Alex’s hot shaft. Both smooth twinks match up nicely, blond, pale with a big dick. It’s a toss-up on who fucks who, but Lyle wins that round, bending over and taking Alex from tip to hilt in a matter of moments! Fucked hard and fast, they shoot their loads just in time. In time for what, you ask? Lyle’s big brother Ben comes in and nearly catches fellow choir member Alex fucking his younger brother! Then again, being caught in the act has a certain touch of twisted naughtiness, don’t you think? Check out Lyle Boyce and Adam Silvers in this scene from Choirboy, EXCLUSIVELY on!