Choirboy: Behind the Scenes

May 13, 2014 by Apply To Model

This week, information pills Eurocreme is pleased and titillated to bring you an EXCLUSIVE Behind The Scenes look on the set of “Choirboy.” In what some are calling the most sexy, dosage sacrilegious porn to come along in a while, there DreamBoy presents their most anticipated and controversial movie to date! You’ll see Dolan Wolf as a tormented priest, along with Luke Desmond — he of the infamous monster cock — some of our favourite twink stars, and a host of new faces. Aside from Dolan and Luke, this sneak peek will entice you with Danny Montero, Lyle Boyce, Alex Silvers, Rox Matthews, and Ben Cox. The cinematic and stylistic influences from director Blacky Mendez exude from the location-led movie and the hot young stars shine in their roles within the choir. Porn now has a new standard!