[BREAKING (BAD) NEWS] Orange is the New Black – Bruno Knight Remix

December 10, 2014 by Apply To Model


We all know him and love him. He’s risen to fame fast and, drugs according to the word of mouth, side effects fallen even faster. It’s a story as old as time. But as much as we’d like this story to be his next great scene for a well known porn studio, this one is real I’m afraid.

After pleading ‘I am sorry to you and your country,’, Bruno Knight, aka Philip Gizzie, has received a two-year sentence at a federal prison for the crime of attempting to smuggle a total of 226 grams of methamphetamine, from LAX to LHR, in his anus. This will be followed by three years of supervised release after he leaves prison. Ouch.

As you might remember correctly, this is a sad end to the first part of the story we have covered earlier.

Bruno Knight is a very polarising figure in this industry: some people cherish him, while some absolutely hate his guts. We would like to step away from these judgements, stand a neutral ground and state the fact that the following two years will, without a shadow of a doubt, extremely difficult for Philip. Unfortunately, due to the mistakes he commited, he has to face a fate we would not wish on our worst enemy ([HAWT!] team are lovers, not fighters!).

So remember kids: hugs not drugs! Especially if the hugs are done by sexy men, in a studio, being filmed for a hot summer release from a raunchy porn site!

[via GayStarNews]