Apply To Model reposting SmackyGirl?

July 23, 2014 by Apply To Model

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Yes its true. I got a very surprising chat from Ryan James at TXXXM today where he announced that their own blog

Will start reposting any post or interviews that are about their interests and more to, treat that SmackyGirl has created on here to their own blog at This is more then any girl with a blog like mine could ever wish for so between jumping up and down smilling happily ever after, I just wanted to send a big bundle of hugs down to Manchester. I am also looking forward to the visit I am planning to Manchester in a few months to interview no other then the King of BoyNapped and Twisted XXX Media himself and to have him tour me around his kingdom, and show me what it is like to have a job that he does..
SmackyGirl has followed our friends at TXXXM and BoyNapped for a very long time and never been more happy with that result. And we are hoping to continue this relationship much much longer as Smacky has grown and learned so much and become a better blogger with having such a brilliant company to learn from.


What isn`t to love about these lads? Check out this little Christmas greeting video from them

Much happy it was Ryan who got to be the one to tell me this since him and I go way way wayyy back in the days, we`re practicly on the doorstep to become family if this continues lol.. Both of us have come far, he was already leading HomoEmo back in the days when I started blogging about HomoEmo. And gosh I`m glad I did..

Much love from
x Smacky and Team SmackyGirl x

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