Every week 1000’s of Gay and Bisexual men from all over the globe visit ApplyToModel.com with the same goal, to join the Sex Industry. To mark World Aids Day and HIV Testing Week ApplyToModel.com has gone red to raise awareness for the cause!

Editor of Beyond Positive @beyondpositive, Tom Hayes @positivelad, had this to say:

“World AIDS Day is an incredibly important and poignant day in the calendar. It’s a time for us to both reflect on the past, on those who we’ve loved and lost, and to look to the future and improve things for those already living with HIV. This day can also be a great chance to help inform people about HIV and Sexual Health in general – unfortunately reaching those people can be a challenge in itself.

Some people may publicly turn their noses up at porn and the porn industry, but everyone loves to be turned on and to lose themselves in a fantasy – so the chance to reach out and make people think through a porn site is an incredible opportunity. I’d like to thank ApplyToModel for taking the initiative this World AIDS Day.”

Whilst WAD is on the 1st December every year, this year it falls on a Monday. This gave ApplyToModel the opportunity to run its monthly sexual health clinic along side the days events to promote a safer and healthier sex industry.

Events have been happening all over the world in the run up to today and even more will be happening today!

Please contact your local health authority for more information about sexual health testing near you.

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