An Interview with Reece Bentley!

April 18, 2013 by Apply To Model


Woof… At the age of 16 Reece was homeless but his determination to succeed and his stunning good looks launched him towards the glittering career which he now has. As Twisted XXX Media’s first ever exclusive model, at 19 years of age Reece is now one of a select group of full time, professional british twink porn stars, however it is not much of a surprise as he has the looks, the body and the perfect 9 inch cock which delivers a cum shot that never falls to hit the wall behind him.

I started by asking Reece when his dream to become a top British pornstar first began.

“It was at my school prom night that I first had the idea to become a pornstar, as I took hold of an award given to me as the person must likely to become famous, I could see myself on the cover of a DVD”.

I asked Reece what his relationship with Twisted XXX Media meant to him.

Twisted XXX Media wasn’t the first porn producer I worked for, in fact my first shoots were for a website called Blake Mason. The one I recall most has to be the duo shoot I did with top British twink Luke Desmond; Luke was someone I almost found myself dating but it was not meant to happen ;-( I remember checking out Luke’s 9 1/2 inch cock and wondering whether I was going to be able to take the pounding I was about to get. As it happens it’s true, it’s not the size what hurt and with Luke’s experience it didn’t hurt at all.

Apart from the shoot with Luke I found the others to be quite boring, mainly because I had discovered kink and it had started to fascinate me.

Right now social networks like Facebook and Twitter are full of chatter about bareback, Hepatitis and others, It’s a controversial topic and other top British twinks like Conor Levi have spoken out and expressed their concerns. I asked Reece what his view was on doing bareback?

I prefer to bareback, I think most people do. As long as the producers manage things with carefully and put sexual health above all other considerations I don’t have a problem with bareback sex on camera. I would also need to now those I bareback with, random sex with unknown shags is not for me in my private or professional life.

From an outsiders point of view, being a pornstar looks like the best job in the world. Reece tells me about his own view before and now?

Well to be honest I thought that working in porn was going to be a walk in the park but it is really isn’t. I never expect porn to be as complex and involved as it really is; fit porn films take time to make, lot of patients and considerable skill, investment and innovation.

Since February I have been working hard back stage in front and behind the cameras. I’m now learning to become an editor which has given me a more rounded view of the business and lead me towards seeing the porn industry as a brilliant long time career.

I expected and had lots of interest from companies when I started. Eurocreme offered me a lead part in one of their DVD’s, Blake Mason who I talked about before, BoyNapped who I film with now etc. I also had some offers which I didn’t expect, an offer to spend a weekend with one director with the promise of work as a reason to accept. Another one ask me to webcam with him and to show him my feet – I hate feet, he had more chance of an invite to crew the next Space Shuttle! Of course I refused both these two offers, I am not that kind of lad ;-)

Reece Bentley was indeed every bit as charming to chat with as I had expected, it’s no wonder his social profiles are full of followers. If he remembers to include me on his Christmas card list, I might let him chat with me again.

Percy, International Reporter to the gay porn business!

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