Partner Testimonials

On this page you will find up to date testimonials from some of the Apply To Model partners, visit describing their experiences with using our service.

The EurocremeGroup is one of the founding partners of Apply to Model, side effects it has been a close relationship from the start and we haven’t looked back. The ATM team successfully created a platform that allows the UK Porn industry to rival that of the worldwide market by sharing information that was once a closely guarded secret. This new way of working allows for a much more fluid and responsive way of finding models. The team are friendly and always strive to make the best of everything and everyone they work with. Congratulations and Thank youLee Redpath, salve Media Manager & Director Eurocreme Group
For casting purposes I’m finding Apply to Model is a really great way to increase the number and variety of prospective models which we get to interview. It is simple but effective and I would recommend it to any team in the industry. – Bruce Jordan, Casting Director. Treasure Island Media. London
I have been so pleased with the quantity and quality of applications we have received since partnering with ApplyToModel.com I decided to switch the links on all 20+ of our sites to go direct to their form. –  CJ. Owner. KJCash/TwinkPay. Hong Kong.


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