[IN BED WITH] Mickey Taylor

June 17, 2014 by Apply To Model


In such a short space of time, stuff Mickey Taylor has set the porn biz on fire and shows no signs of burning out! And don’t let it go unsaid that I have an eye for talent, having seen this tatted stud on Twitter, I made sure that he became a [HAWT!] property with his very own photo-shoot (expect it very, very soon!). But why leave it there? After all, you’re all smart people, surely you don’t just come here for the pictures…?

…oh, you do? Well, here’s a cheeky interview I had with the pornsphere’s Saviour of Misbehaviour as he spreads his wings with upcoming films for UKNM, Blake Mason and BoyNapped. Read on!

[HAWT!] First of all, aside from the fact that you are F.A.F.fit as fuck – what made you want to do porn?

I actually never applied! I was scouted by Staxus (last year) and did a solo shoot for them, it all kinda took off from there really.

I think in the industry, it’s important to stand out! Especially in the UK circuit, where it’s all about getting new talent. You certainly stood out from the get go, especially with those tattoos, how old were you when you got your first?

I got my first tattoo when I was about 16 or 17, I am planning on getting some more – just need to get them booked!

Your large Twitter presence has made it feel like you’ve been here around forever, however you’re still quite new to it all., with plenty of releases on the way. Bearing that in mind, what has been your favourite scene to shoot so far?

My favourite scene so far has to be with Riley Tess for Blake Mason (which is on it’s way!) It was just a really great shoot and Riley is great to work with.

If Mickey Taylor was a cocktail, what would be inside you? And for once, we’re not talking dirty!

I’d be a Jelly Baby cocktail – Blue Curaco, Grenadine, Malibu, Peach Schnapps and vodka, of course.

We’re cranking it up a gear now: Jocks or CK’s?

Jocks definitely! Especially if they’re Andrew Christian’s.

What is your biggest turn-on?

I love oral, oral definitely and tight underwear.

…and on the other end of the scale, what would you not be caught dead doing on camera?

Watersports! I’m really not into it, so for me that is a turn off.

You’re stranded on a desert island, who’s washed up alongside you?

Paramore, Ashton Bradley (Porn producer extraordinaire), Ryan Reynolds, Willam (Belli) and my puppy Pluto.
(NOTE: We could have shown you them all, but Pluto is fast becoming a star in his own right, soooo…)

[Credit to: @MickeyTOfficial]

[Credit to: @MickeyTOfficial]

You’ve worked with quite a few guys already, but who are you dream scene partners?
  1. Colby Keller
  2. Hunter Page
  3. Johnny Rapid
  4. Ricky Roman


And finally, what’s next for you and your busy, busy schedule?

I am literally on set as we speak, sat next to Dan Broughton – we’re doing something for ApplyToModel, which we hope everyone will enjoy and benefit from!

We can definitely see the benefits already...

We can definitely see the benefits already